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Volume 62, Number 2 (2021)

M. Ya. Melnikov, I. D. Sorokin, O. I. Gromov, V. I. Pergushov, D. A. Pomogailo
Photochemistry of oxirane-derived radical cations in freonic matrices at 77 K


A. O. Naumova, A. S. Mugabutaeva, P. V. Melnikov, N. K. Zaitsev
The photoprotolytic reactions in the systems immobilized on silica with a cationic polyelectrolyte


L. D. Grigoreva, V. Y. Grigorev
Calculation and properties of the correlation dimension of alkanes based on molecular scattering curves


E. A. Kulikov, V. A. Turanova, S. V. Aleshin, R. G. Vasilov, A. A. Selishcheva
J-aggregates of astaxanthin, its mono- and diesters


K. V. Oskolok, O. V. Monogarova, A. V. Garmay, A. A. Pastukhova
Simultaneous determination of two components of nickel silver by digital colorimetry


A. S. Kornilov, E. V. Chernookaya, R. G. Abdullov, E. V. Piterkina, K. O. Shcherbakova, A. O. Makarov, O. S. Dmitrieva
The precipitation of ammonium uranyl tricarbonate (AUTC) from aqueous-alcoholic and acetate solutions


V. G. Amelin, Modar Mayya, D. S. Bolshakov
Microextraction-colorimetric determination of quaternary ammonium compounds in medicines and disinfectants


A. A. Pometun, K. M. Boyko, S. A. Zubanova, A. Yu. Nikolaeva, D. L. Atroshenko, S. S. Savin, V. I. Tishkov
Preparation of recombinant formate dehydrogenase from thermotolerant yeast Ogataea Parapolymorpha and crystallization of apo- and holo- forms of the enzyme


A. A. Kalinina, S. S. Sychev, N. V. Gursky, T. N. Sokolova
Inhibition of intracellular succinate dehydrogenase of bacteria Bacillus Subtilis as a criterion for the participation of an enzyme in the reduction of chloride iodonitrotetrazolium - indicator of cell viability


S. V. Drogobuzhskaya, S. E. Kondakov, N. K. Belisheva, A. I. Novikov, E. S. Ihalainen
Comparison of elemental blood analysis in intact and dry samples. porous membranes as a new sampling format


A. S. Samadov, I. G. Gorichev, A. N. Kuzmenko, O. N. Plakhotnaia, A. V. Kuzin, E. F. Fayzulloev
Stability of mononuclear and binuclear complexes of silver(I) with thiosemicarbazide in aqueous solution


N. V. Nesterova, V. N. Matveenko, I. A. Samylina, S. V. Kondrashev, N. V. Bobkova, F. Sh. Suleymanova
Identification of phloretin and phlorizine in the fruits of east apple (Malus Orientalis Uglitzk. ex Jus) and assessment of the quantitative content of substances of phenolic nature


A. S. Popov, G. S. Maksimov, A. D. Smolenkov, O. A. Shpigun, A. V. Chernobrovkina
Novel stationary phases for hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography based on silica covalently modified with polyethylene glycol

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