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E. A. Kulikov, V. A. Turanova, S. V. Aleshin, R. G. Vasilov, A. A. Selishcheva

J-aggregates of astaxanthin, its mono- and diesters


The conditions for the production of astaxanthin ester aggregates was optimized and their physicochemical characteristics (size, absorption spectra) depending on the conditions of preparation was determined. Mono and diester fractions were separated by column chromatography from astaxanthin esters mixture. For the first time, an aqueous mixture of methanol and tetrahydrofuran was used to obtain J-aggregates of astaxanthin mono- and diesters, which formation was established by spectrophotometry. A change in the equilibrium position in the reaction monomer ↔ aggregates was discovered during long-term storage for a month. The effect of ionic strength on the formation of astaxanthin esters J-aggregates was studied.
Key words: Mono- and diesters of astaxanthin, J-aggregates, astaxanthin monomers, spectrophotometry.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2021, Vol. 62, No. 2, P. 102

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