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A. S. Samadov, I. G. Gorichev, A. N. Kuzmenko, O. N. Plakhotnaia, A. V. Kuzin, E. F. Fayzulloev

Stability of mononuclear and binuclear complexes of silver(I) with thiosemicarbazide in aqueous solution


The complexation of silver(I) ions with thiosemicarbazide in a wide range of silver(I) and thiosemicarbazide (Tsc) concentrations at T = 25.0 C and I = 0.11 M (0.01 M HNO3 + 0.1 M NaNO3) was studied using the potentiometric method with a silver electrode. In the studied region of CAg + (11051102M), mono- and binuclear complexes are present in the solution. The dominant form is Ag2Tsc22+ and Ag2Tsc32+. The calculated values of the total stability constant of the complexes: log β11 = 5.58 0.02, log β12 = 10.37 0.06, log β21 = 9.0 0.2, log β22 = 15.8 0.5, log β23 = 20.4 0.3, log β24 = 23.1 0.2 log β25 = 26.3 0.2. The mono- and binuclear complexes of silver(I) with thiosemicarbazide were found to be less stable than with the thiourea complex.
Key words: complexation, silver(I) ions, thiosemicarbazide, mononuclear and binuclear complexes, stability constant, potentiometry.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2021, Vol. 62, No. 2, P. 152

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