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Volume 64, Number 2 (2023)



Vladimir I. Tishkov1, Michail D. Shelomov2, Anastaiya A. Pometun3, Svyatoslav S. Savin4, Denis L. Atroshenko5
Physiological role of D-amino acids and bioanalytical potential of D-amino acid oxidases


Sofia A. Shilova, Tatiana V. Rakitina, Vladimir O. Popov, Ekaterina Yu. Bezsudnova
Prospects of application of D-amino acid transaminase from Aminobacterium colombiense for (R)-selective amination of α-ketoacids


Anastasia A. Pometun, Anna A. Shirokova, Natalia P. Galanicheva, Leonid A. Shaposhnikov, Denis L. Atroshenko, Evgenii V. Pometun, Vladimir I. Tishkov, Svyatoslav S. Savin
Highly stable mutant bacterial format dehydrogenase with improved catalytic properties


Anna A. Filippova, Irina P. Andreeva, Galina V. Presnova, Mariya M. Ulyashova, Maya Yu. Rubtsova
Lateral flow hybridization assay for determination of transcripts of TEM-type beta-lactamase genes in bacteria resistant to antibiotics


Andrey M. Chulkin, Valeriy Yu. Kislitsin, Ivan N. Zorov, Igor A. Shashkov, Aleksandra M. Rozhkova
Influence of the tacA transcription factor knockout on the transcription and expression of the cbhi gene in the Penicillium verruculosum strain


Anastasia Yu. Mikhailova, Ulyana A. Budanova, Yurii L. Sebyakin
Modeling of the interaction of low molecular weight targeting ligands and synthesis of lipotripeptides with potential inhibitory ability against integrin αVβ3


Ekaterina V. Popova, Victoria E. Tikhomirova, Olga V. Beznos, Natalia B. Chesnokova, Yuri V. Grigoriev, Olga A. Kost
Chitosan nanoparticles the drug delivery system to the anterior segment of the eye


Maria K. Koshkina, Egor P. Sergeyev, Timofey A. Fedorov, Mxa D. Shelomov, Anastasia A. Pometun, Svyatoslav S. Savin, Vladimir I. Tishkov, Denis L. Atroshenko
Kinetics of thermoinactivation of D-amino acid oxidase OpaDAAO1 from the Ogataea parapolymorpha DL-1 yeast


Tatiana S. Iurchenko, Anastasia A. Loginova, Egor P. Sergeev, Evgenii V. Pometun, Vladimir I. Tishkov, Svyatoslav S. Savin, Anastasia A. Pometun
Engineering the active site of formate dehydrogenase from Staphylococcus aureus: introduction to the structure of the additional loop and histidine residues


Olga G. Korotkova, Alexandra M. Rozhkova, Valery Y. Kislitsin, Olga A. Sinitsyna, Yuri A. Denisenko, Maria A. Marochkina, Ivan N. Zorov, Igor A. Shashkov, Aidar D. Satrutdinov, Arkady P. Sinitsyn
New feed enzyme preparations for the destruction of non-starch polysaccharides and phytates


Margarita S. Stiazhkina, Ulyana A. Budanova, Yuri L. Sebyakin
Alkyl-indole derivatives of unnatural tetrapeptides: synthesis and evaluation of biological activity


Nikolay V. Rastriga, Daria A. Gasanova, Pavel A. Levashov
Adsorption of lysozyme on living cells of Escherichia coli and its bacteriolytic activity in the presence of glycine and charged amino acids


Vitaly G. Grigorenko, Irina P. Andreeva, Elizaveta A. Melnichuk, Pavel A. Levashov
Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay of autoantibodies against human β1-adrenergic receptor using recombinant antigens


Alexey Mikhailovich Egorov (on the 80th anniversary of her birth)

Memorable dates

Novella Fedorovna Kazanskaya (on the 91st anniversary of her birth)

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