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Anastasia Yu. Mikhailova, Ulyana A. Budanova, Yurii L. Sebyakin

Modeling of the interaction of low molecular weight targeting ligands and synthesis of lipotripeptides with potential inhibitory ability against integrin αVβ3


Abstract. Low molecular weight RGD peptides and RGD mimetics are widely studied as ligands targeting the corresponding receptor in the diagnosis and therapy of cancer, as well as in the field of bone tissue regeneration. Some of them are undergoing preclinical trials. The aim of this work is to select optimal variants of the ligand structure based on an aliphatic RGD mimetic. By methods of molecular modeling (“blind” docking and active site docking), the most advantageous constructions for the formation of a stable complex with the integrin αVβ3 were determined. A scheme was developed and the synthesis of two lipotripeptides Gnd-GABA-Gly-Asp(C16)2, Gnd-β-Ala-Gly-Asp(C16)2 with the potential ability to inhibit this receptor on the surface of tumor tissues was carried out.
Key words: molecular docking, RGD peptides, RGD mimetics, integrins, integrin αVβ3, lipotripeptides
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2023, Vol. 64, No. 2, P. 130

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