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Anna A. Filippova, Irina P. Andreeva, Galina V. Presnova, Mariya M. Ulyashova, Maya Yu. Rubtsova

Lateral flow hybridization assay for determination of transcripts of TEM-type beta-lactamase genes in bacteria resistant to antibiotics


Abstract. A technique for lateral flow hybridization analysis of specific bacterial beta-lactamase mRNAs has been developed, including the preparation of a biotinylated target DNA and its analysis on a test strip with immobilized oligonucleotide probes. When the DNA target and probe structures are complementary, DNA duplexes are formed in the test zone of the strip, which interact with the streptavidin conjugate with gold nanoparticles. The method was used to determine the transcripts of the TEM-type beta-lactamase genes isolated from the cultureof E. coli producers of the corresponding recombinant beta-lactamase. It has been shown that single-stranded DNA target of 330 bases was revealed most effectively in lateral flow analysis.
Key words: lateral flow analysis, beta-lactamases, antibiotic resistance, mRNA, DNA
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2023, Vol. 64, No. 2, P. 112

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