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Volume 64, Number 5 (2023)

Maria S. Andrianova, Olga S. Panova, Alexey A. Titov, Natalia V. Komarova, AlexanderE. Kuznetsov
Electrochemical biosensors for SARS-CoV-2 detection


Anna A. Skuredina, Linara R. Yakupova, Irina M. Le-Deygen, Elena V. Kudryashova
Structural and functional aspects of the interactions between medical polymers and the liposoms and bacterial cells


IgorG. Sinelnikov, Valeriy Yu. Kislitsin, Andrey M. Chulkin, Andrey A. Shaplin, Aleksandra M. Rozhkova
Influence of ku70 gene knockout on transformation frequency of Penicillium Verruculosum mycelial fungi


Galina V. Presnova, Tatiana V. Bulko, Victoria V. Shumyantseva, Maya Yu. Rubtsova
Immunosensor based on screen-printed graphite electrodes modified with gold nanoparticles and synthetic membrane-like substance for the determination of chloramphenicol


Ksenia A. Afanasyeva, Anastasia M. Gileva, Elena A. Markvicheva, Ulyana A. Budanova, Yurii L. Sebyakin
Glycolipotripeptide (N-lactitol-Gly)2-LysC16 and its fluorescently labeled analogue for visualization of vector systems for biologically active substances delivery to target cells


Sergei Yu. Zaitsev
Changes in the amino acid composition of gelatin after treatment of bovine collagen with enzyme preparations

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Sergey F. Dunaev1, Elena F. Kazakova1, Natalia E. Dmitrieva1
E.M. Sokolovskaya. Contribution to science and education

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