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Volume 53, Number 4 (2012)

A. A. Buchachenko
Numerical method for quantum capture probabilities with applications to ultracold molecular collisions


V. I. Beketov, R. D. Voronina, N. B. Zorov
Fluorimetric determination of amino acids and photochemical stability of the products of their reaction with orto-phthalic aldehyde under irradiation of a high-power pulsed laser.


I. G. Smirnova, G. N. Gildeeva, V. V. Chistyakov
Analysis of crystalline structure and chirality of drug substances


K. B. Kalmykov, N. E. Dmitrieva, N. L. Zvereva, S. F. Dunaev, D. M. Kondratyev
The phase equilibria in the CuAlZr system at 1073 K up to 50 at.% Al


N. V. Shvedene, V. V. Sviridov, N. K. Zaitsev, M. V. Roslova, I. V. Pletnev
Study of ionic liquids by the method of voltammetry at the interface between two immiscible electrolytes


V. A. Lukyanova, T. S. Papina, N. V. Polyakova, A. G. Buyanovskaya, N. M. Kabaeva
The Standard Enthalpy of Formation of Fluorinated Graphite CF0.96


K. M. Marakulina, R. V. Kramor, Yu. K. Lukanina, M. V. Kozlov, L. N. Shishkina.
Use of the UV- and IR-spectroscopy for investigation of complexation between molecules of sphingomyelin and phenolic antioxidants


D. V. Ivanets, A. M. Safiulina, E. M. Kudryavtsev, V. E. Baulin
Comparison of extraction ability of 18-term crown-ethers in relation to cesium


L. I. Korolenkova, E. V. Stepanova, V. D. Ermilova, A. U. Barishnikov, V. V. Bryusgin
e-cadherin expression is biochemical marker in cervical intraepithelial neoplasia

History of Chemistry

A. S. Kuznetsov, T. V. Bogatova, B. M. Uzhinov
The history of dye lasers development. II. The photochemical lasers important stage of dye lasers development

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