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Volume 64, Number 3 (2023)

Alexander M. Banaru, Daria A. Banaru, Sergey M. Aksenov
Groupoid of intermolecular contacts and its fuzzy Cayley graph


Daria A. Pomogailo, Oleg I. Gromov, Vladimir I. Pergushov, Ivan D. Sorokin, Mikhail Ya. Melnikov
Phototransformations of 1,3-butadiene diepoxide radical cations in CF3CCl3at 77 K


Natalia Yu. Chikurova, Anna O. Shemiakina, Daria S. Kryzhanovskaya, Oleg A. Shpigun, Alla V. Chernobrovkina
Comparison of the properties of 3-aminopropyl silica with different nitrogen content in HILIC mode


Valentin N. Oreshkin, Grigory I. Tsysin
Crucible atomizer with the function of separating matrix components for atomic absorption determination of elements in solid samples


Vladislava A. Pigareva, Anastasia V. Bolshakova, Andrey V. Sybachin
Atomic force microscopy of antibacterial coatings produced from polycation and its water-soluble complex with polyanion


Abdurasul A. Samadov, Anna F. Stepnova, Erkin F. Faizullozoda, Alexey N. Kuzmenko, Olga N. Plakhotnaya, Alexander V. Kuzin, Kurbon J. Suyarov, Kholid Ya. Khuseinov
Complex formation of silver(I) with 1,2,3-benzotriazole. protonization constants of 1,2,3-benzotriazole


Ekaterina V. Buravleva, Vladimir L. Voeikov, Sergey E. Kondakov
Study of blood sedimentation under a dilution of dextran solutions. Blood as active colloid system

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