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Volume 58, Number 3 (2017)

I. V. Polyakov, M. G. Khrenova, A. A. Moskovskii, P. N. Telegin, J. -P. Zhang, A. V. Nemukhin
Estimatesoftheabsorption QYbandmaximumin the light-harvesting complex of the bacterial photosynthetic center from Thermochromatium tepidum


S. N. Igumnov, A. V. Valkov
Separation of rare earth elements in the system: tributyl phosphate – Ln(NO3)3 – Ca(NO3)2 in the counter current process


S. V. Kryuchkova, M. Yu. Yablokova, A. Yu. Alentiev, L. G. Gasanova, A. V. Kepman
Influence of polymer’s chemical structure on the morphology and gas transport properties


K. L. Timofeev, G. I. Maltsev, A. V. Sviridov
The kinetics of sorption of ions of indium, iron and zinc on a modified montmorillonite


A. N. Stavrianidi*, E. A. Stekolshchikova, P. N. Turova, I. A. Rodin, O. A. Shpigun
 (Division of Analytical Chemistry; *e-mail: stavrianidi. andrey@gmail. com)

Quantitative analysis of multicomponent system for liquid chromatography mass spectrometry determination of diosgenin, dioscin and protodioscin in plant extracts of Tribulus terrestris


V. Yu. Grigorev, L. D. Grigoreva
Investigation of molecular histograms of distances between atoms in organic homologs on the basis of R/S analysis

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