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S. N. Igumnov, A. V. Valkov

Separation of rare earth elements in the system: tributyl phosphate Ln(NO3)3 Ca(NO3)2 in the counter current process


The 40th step extraction process of separation of REE according to the line praseodymium-cerium with use of mixer settler extractors in the system of 100% TBP Ln(NO3)3 Ca(NO3)2 is realized. Lanthanum cerium concentrate containing less than 0,03% of other rare-earth elements is received. The process flow diagram of separation of the rare-earth concentrate proceeded from phosphogypsum is considered.
Key words: extraction, phosphogypsum, rare-earth elements, tributyl phosphate, calcium nitrate, extraction cascade, separation coefficient.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2017, Vol. 58, No. 3, P. 120

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