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Volume 54, Number 1 (2013)

G. F. Voronin, A. L. Voskov
The calculation of phase equilibria and construction of diagrams by convex hull method


T. D. Khokhlova
Adsorption of acid and basic dyes on NiO–SiO2 composites


T. S. Papina, V. A. Lukyanova, S. I. Troyanov, A. V. Burtsev, M. G. Serov, V. A. Ioutsi, A. G. Buyanovskaya, O. A. Levinskaya
The standard enthalpy of formation of fullerene bromide C60Br24


R. S. Smirnov, A. D. Smolenkov, T. A. Bolotnik, O. A. Shpigun
Application of glyoxal and glyoxylic acid for determination of n- and n,n- alkylsubstituted hydrazines by liquid chromatography


S. V. Nikolaev, Yu. V. Balykova, E. Yu. Kerimov, E. M. Slyusarenko
Phase equilibria in the three-component system nickel–chromium–tantalum at 1375 K


I. P. Gloriozov, Yu. F. Oprunenko
Theoretical modeling of frustrated lewis pairs on the platform of biphenylene and investigation of activation of dihydrogen molecule


E. V. Nurieva, A. A. Beloglazkyna, D. V. Shishov, V. V. Gogol, Y. S. Glazkova, B. Wobith, N. S. Zefirov, S. A. Kuznetsov, O. N. Zefirova
Synthesis and biotests of benzimidazole conjugate with adamantane


N. M Ishmaev, E. S. Nikolina, V. A Mamontov, N. I. Burdakov
Forecasting of striking factors at transportation accidents involving yellow phosphorus

Pharmaceutical chemistry

J. G. Novitskaya, A. A. Litvin, V. P. Zherdev, E. V. Blynskaya, S. E. Kondakov
The quantitative analysis of caffeine and its metabolites in rat blood plasma with HPLC technique, as a method for determination of metabolic relations


M. I. Emelyanov, V. V. Smirnov, A. A. Litvin, G. B. Kolyvanov, E. V. Blynskaya, S. E. Kondakov
Quantitative determination of cortisol and its metabolite in rat urine by HPLC-MS method


A. A. Sambulova, E. V. Vikhareva, A. V. Suldin, E. V. Blynskaya, S. E. Kondakov
Development of methods for determination impurities of choline alfoscerate in soft gelatin capsules


N. D. Afonina, L. N. Yerofeeva, S. S. Voronkina
Development and validation for method of quantitative determination of clotrimazole in medicated films for treatment of otomycosis

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