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Volume 55, Number 6 (2014)

K. A. Tatarenko, A. V. Lazarev, D. N. Trubnikov
Determination of dispersion energy coefficients for SF6SF6 and SF6Ne at low energies from experiments with supersonic pulsed jets


T. F. Rudomyotkina, V. M. Ivanov
Photometric and sorptionic-photometric determination of beryllium in natural object


A. A. Loshin, A. V. Zatirakha, A. D. Smolenkov, O. A. Shpigun
Novel anion exchanger for ion chromatography based on covalently modified aminated silica


N. V. Zyk, A. Yu. Gavrilova, M. A. Nechaev, O. B. Bondarenko, N. S. Zefirov
Interaction of unsaturated compounds with the thiobisamine-SOHal2 system


K. B. Kalmykov, N. E. Dmitrieva, S. F. Dunaev, D. M. Kondratiev
Phase equilibria in the AlNiCuZr system At 1123 K and more than 30 atomic percent of zirconium


E. N. Moskvitina, Yu. Ya. Kuzyakov
Intracavity laser spectroscopy of molecule HfCl New electronic transition 2Π3/2X2Δ3/2


J. V. Samsonova, A. S. Chadina, A. P. Osipov, S. E. Kondakov, T. E. Makarova, A. B. Komarov
Detection of bovine leukemia virus by polimerase chain reaction in dried blood spots using a membrane system of new format


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