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Development of new drugs: legal and economic aspects

Лектор(ы): н.с. А. Альтьери, доц. А.В. Куркин

The Pharma industry that attracts so much attention it is very surprising how little is known about the inner work. This world is a complex, nonlinear, and based on several different value systems. The scope of this tutorial is to bring an insight in the Pharma World and how approaches the Drug Discovery process. After a bring introduction we are going to tackle different pragmatic aspect of the drug discovery pipeline, ranging from science, timeline and economic. A brief outline of the lectures are reported below (the tutorial program may be subjected to variations/amendments before the tutorial starts)

Lecture 1: Intro to the Drug Discovery Business World – R&D productivity & Drug Discovery Pipeline

Lecture 2: Target Selection & Validation

Lecture 3: Hit Generation & Compound Libraries

Lecture 4: Fragment Based Drug Discovery Approach

Lecture 5: H2L & Optimization – part 1 (IP, activity + selectivity)

Lecture 6: H2L & Optimization – part 2 (ADME + tox…)

Lecture 7: Hepatotoxicity & Drug Metabolism

Lecture 8: Antiviral & Anticancer Drug Discovery

Lecture 9: CNS Drug Discovery

Lecture 10: in vitro studies

Lecture 11: in vivo studies & GMP

Lecture 12: Clinical Development

Lecture 13: Business Opportunities in the DD world – The CRO adventure

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