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Chemistry and physics of polymers and polymeric materials

Лектор(ы): М.С. Аржаков проф. д.х.н.

The main goal of this Educational Course is to demonstrate the inter-disciplinary nature of Polymer Science, that is, the intrinsic relationship of the basic chemical and physical disciplines.

The fundamentals of chemistry, physical chemistry and physics of polymers as well as the basic principles of preparation of modern polymeric materials, especially, smart-materials and (nano)composites are outlined.

The most important problems concerning production of modern polymeric materials which combine the functional and mechanical properties are discussed in the framework of the scientific approach “Structural Mechanics of Polymers“. This approach is based on the general “Structure-Property” relationship. For polymers, specific features of the above relationship were shown to be associated with the chain chemical structure of macromolecules and hierarchy of the supra-molecular structural levels.

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