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about Mendeleev

Papers and Books
by Mendeleev

History of the Periodic Law,
and Prediction
of Elements

Periodic Tables
Links Collections
  • Collection 1: From WebElements (UK)
  • Collection 2: Chemistry Teaching Resources (Sweden)
  • Collection 3: From The Pictorial Periodic Table (cashed)
  • Collection 4: with screenshots by Ron Rinehart
  • Yahoo! - Science: Chemistry: Periodic Table of the Elements
  • Early collections (cashed) from The Catalyst and the set of Periodic tables on 169 languages.
  • HTML tags for periodic table (cashed)

  • Overview of the other possible types of periodic tables (e.g. for isotopes, hydrocarbons, functional groups etc.), involving hyper-periodic table for all molecules.

  • Special "Periodic Table of Badges" from Moscow University. The buttons are issued every year in May (since 1965), when MSU is celebrating The Chemist Day, and each button is devoted to a certain element.

of Mendeleev
    Many pictures of Mendeleev can be found in the internet:
    click here or there

    Some remarkable examples:
  • Portrait of Mendeleev by Ilya Repin (1885).
  • One more Mendeleev portrait by Ivan Kramskoy (1878).
  • Collection of Mendeleev photos. From The Science & Society Picture Library.
  • One memorial portrait of Mendeleev.

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