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Volume 41, Number 6 (2000)

Osipova T.A., Zaitseva E.A.
Biocatalysis. Fundamentals and Applications


Varfolomeyev S.D., Yefremenko E.N., Verkhusha V.V., Vrzheshch P.V.
Synthetic Analogues of Amino Acids in Cells and Proteins


Yegorov S.N., Petrova E.V., Levashov A.V.
Extracellurar Acid Phosphates of Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Kinetic Properties. Secretion


Serov A.E., Rozhkova A.M. Tishkov V.I.
Role of Fragments TYR62 and TYR165 in Stability of Bacterial Formate Dehydrogenase


Lundovskikh I.A., Dementieva E.I., Ugarova N.N.
Kinetics and Mechanism of Thermoactivation of Recombinant Luciferase of Luciola Mingrelica Firefly


Dementieva E.I., Maloshenok L.G., Ugarova N.N.
Inactivation of Luciola Mingrelica Firefly Luciferase Induced by Guanidinium Chloride


Zaitseva L.G., Ovchinnikova T.V., Vodovozova E.L., Molotkovskii Yu.G., Polyakov N.B., Yesipov S.E., Grinkevich V.A.
An Investigation of Structure of the Proton-Translocaing Portion of the Mitochondrial ATP-Synthase


Rykhlevskaya A.I., Sidorkina O.M., Romanova E.A., Oretskaya T.S., Laval J., Kuznetsova S.A.
Detection of Contacts of DNA Phosphate Moieties with Nucleophilic Amono Acids of Formamidopyrimidine-DNA Glycosylase E. coli Repair Enzyme


Chemodanova E.E., Orth T.A., Nasonov V.V., Bovin N.V., Kost O.A.
Characteristics of Carbohydrate-Recognizing Centers of Bovine and Human Angiotensin-Converting Enzymes


Beltyukov P.P., Simkina N.B.
Proteolytic Cleavage of C3-Component of Complement by the Rabbit Erythrocyte Membrane and Its Possible Role in Activation of Complement to Alternative Pathway.


Zakharchenko N.L., Stupishina E.A., Zuev Yu.F., Fedotov V.D., Mirgorodskaya A.B.
An Investigation of Basic and Enzymatic Hydrolysis of p-Nitrophenyl Acetate in AOT-Based Water-Oil Microemulsion at the Percolation Threshold


Trofimova D.N., Levashov A.V.
Fixation of Monomeric Form of Formate Dehydrogenase in the System of Reversed Micelles by Modification of Enzyme with Glucose


Belyaeva E.A., Yeremeyev N.L.
Kinetic Demonstration of Local Conformational Changes Near a-Chymotrypsin Active Center in the Water-Dimethyl Sulfoxide Mixtures.


Skobeleva V.B., Rudenskaya G.N., Rudenskaya Yu.A.
An Investigation of Enzymatic Activity of Immobilized Moricrase


Igolkina L.A., Rudenskaya Yu.A, Rudenskaya G.N.
Affine Sorbents for Separation of Proteolytic Enzymes on the Basis of Chitosan


Mikhitova F.K., Davydova M.N., Kashirina E.V., Zuev Yu.F., Vylegzhanina N.N.
Biocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Monoxide in Water-Organic Media.


Romanova N.A., Pometun E.V., Savitskii A.P., Ugarova N.N.
Bioluminescent Determination of Adenosine-5/-Triphosphate Effuent from Yeast Cells Because of Their Photodynamic Injuries.


Frundzhyan V.G., Ugarova N.N.
Bioluminescent Determination of General Bacterial Sowing of Raw Milk


Yegorov A.M.
Farmacoenzymology and Actual Problems in the Field of Antibiotics


Rudenskaya G.N., Lyutova L.V., Karabasova M.A, Andreyenko G.V., Isaev V.A., Brusov A.V., Badnina E.I., Reznikova A.E., Ageyeva L.V.
The Medical Properties of Ointment Moricrol


Larionova N.A., Duchene D., Belousova R.A.
Effect of the Native and Microencapsulated Proteinase Inhibitor, Aprotinin, on the Reproduction of Bovine Respiratory-Intestinal Viruses


Myagkova M.A., Abramenko T.V., Kiseliov I.P., Stanislav M.L., Kost O.A., Nikolskaya I.I., Garats E.V.
Determination of Natural Immunoglobulin for Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme and Vasoactive Peptides in Serum of Patients Suffering from the System Diseases of Connective Tissue


Kildeyeva N.R., Babak V.G., Vikhoreva G.A., Ageyev E.P., Golub M.A., Galbraikh L.S., Merkovich E.A.
A New Approach to Preparation of Materials with Controlled Drug Release



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