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Volume 41, Number 4 (2000)

Rusin A.D.
Interconsistent Thermodynamic Properties of Aluminum Iodides


Lunin B.S., Torbin S.N.
On the Mechanism of Internal Friction in Surface Layer of Quartz Resonator


Makarov A.V., Bagaratyan N.V., Zbezhneva S.G., Aleshko-Ozhevskaya L.A., Georgobiani T.P.
Ionization and Fragmentation of the B2O2 and BO Molecules by Electron Bombardment


Lazareva E.E., Alpeyeva I.S., Brykina G.D.
An Investigation of Adsorption of Tetra(p-methoxyphenyl)porphyrin and Its Complex with Pd (II) by High Performance Liquid Chromatography


Anshakov V.I., Alpeyeva I.S., Brykina G.D., Lazareva E.E.
Determination of Vitamin E by High Performance Liquid Chromatography with Indirect Spectrophotometric Detection


Pirogov A.V., Svintsova N.V., Kuzina O.V., Krokhina O.V., Shpigun O.A.
Stability of Hydrophobizated Silicas Modified by Polyelectrolyte Complexes Under Conditions of Ionochromatographic Experiment


Krokhin O.V., Adamov A.V., Kuzina O.V., Shpigun O.A.
Determination of Metal Complexes with Ethylenediamine Tetraacetic Acid and Cyclohexanediamine Tetraacetic Acid Using Ion-Exchange Electrokinetic Chromatography


Alov N.V., Kalmykov K.B., Kamenev A.I.,Oskolok K.V.
Electrochemical Crystallization of Metals Under Coprecipitation of Copper and Cadmium on the Surfaces of Sitall Carbonate Electrodes


Proskurnin M.A., Shelepchikov A.A., Kuznetsova V.V., Sviridiva O.A., Osipova N.V.
Determination of Vanadium (V) and 8-Hydroxyquinoline by Oxidation of Aniline with Bromate Ions in Highly Acidic Solutions Using Spectrophotometry and Thermal Lensing


Ivanov A.B., Tessman A.B., Wakstein M.S.
An Effect of Mobile Phases Composition on the Profile of the Initial Section of pH-Gradient in Chromatofocusing


Ivanov A.V., Nesterenko P.N., Tessman A.B.
Use of Silica Gel with Grafted Hydroxyproline Moieties for Simultaneous Ion Chromatographic Determination of Sodium, Chloride and Anions of Dicarboxylic Acids


Blikova Yu.N., Leizerovich N.N., Pasekova N.A., Shvedene N.V.
Salicylate-Selective Electrodes Based on the Complexes of Tin (IV) with Organic Ligands


Aliev R.A., Sapozhnikov Yu.A.
Determination of 210Pb and 137Cs in Sediments of Dnieper-Bug Bay


Beckman I.N., Bessarabov D.G., Sanderson R.D.
Diffusion Processes in the Absorption Module of Membrane Contactor


Nasyrov D.V., Pronina O.P., Bobyliova A.A., Anfilogova S.N., Lukovskaya E.V., Kulikov N.S., Anisimov A.V.
Synthesis of Substituted Cyclohexanooxathiocrown Ethers

Short Communications

Kazionnova N.B., Krutko D.P.
Synthesis of 1-Isopropenyl-1-a-Styrylcyclopropane


Safarova E.R., Baksheyeva S.S., Burlakov V.A., Yegorov V.V.
An Effect of Ionogenic Surfactants on the S. albus and E. coli Sensitivity to Penicillin


Academician Nikolai Markovich Emanuel

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