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Volume 64, Number 6 (2023)

Lidiya A. Koroleva, Alexandra V. Koroleva
Comparative analysis of the capabilities of molecular spectroscopy methods in studying internal rotation


Irina S. Ryzhkina, Laysan I. Murtazina, Yulia V. Kiseleva, Svetlana Yu. Sergeeva, Sergey A. Ryzhkin, Mikhail Ya. Melnikov
Changes in the physico-chemical and biological properties of aqueous solutions under the influence of factors modeling the conditions of space flight


Lyudmila A. Tjurina 1, 2 , Evgeny A. Babakov 2, 3, Mikhail Ya. Melnikov 1
New solutions in decarbonization technology


Vladimir N. Matveenko, Eugine A. Kirsanov
Rheology of structured liquids. “Neutonian” behavior


Valentina D. Dolzhikova, Yulia G. Bogdanova
Infuence of adsorption layers of polyelectrolytes on the wetting and modification of the polystyrene surface


T. A. Bogush, K. S. Spiridonova, E. A. Bogush, A. N. Grishanina, A. M. Scherbakov, M. I. Volkova, Z. M. Safarov, V. B. Matveev, V. S. Kosorukov
Quantitative immunofluorescence evaluation of PD-L1 expression in non-muscle-invasive and muscle-invasive urothelial bladder cancer

Memorable dates

Vladimir Nikolaevich Matveenko, Vladimir Glebovich Sergeev
Vladimir Adolfovich Naumov (to the 100th anniversary of the reading of the course "Colloidal chemistry" for students and the 90th anniversary of the organization of the department)


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