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Volume 64, Number 4 (2023)

Scientific school “Enzyme engineering and biocatalysis” of the corresponding member of the USSR academy of sciences I.V. Berezin: 50 years of development and achievements


Vladimir I. Tishkov, Anastasia A. Pometun, Svyatoslav S. Savin
Formate dehydrogenase: from NAD(P)h regeneration to the target in pathogens biofilms, a component of highly efficient hybrid biocatalysts and CO2 fixation from the atmosphere


Arkady P. Sinitsyn, Olga A. Sinitsyna, Ivan N. Zorov, Aleksandra M. Rozhkova
Carbohydrases – 50 years of research at the department of chemical enzymology of Lomonosov Moscow state university, history and prospects


Nikolay V. Panin, Dorel T. Guranda, Irina V. Shapovalova, Vytas K. Švedas
Penicillin acylase: a retrospective of studying the kinetics and thermodynamics of practically significant reactions


Ilya N. Kurochkin, Alexandra D. Vasilyeva, Evgeniy G. Evtushenko, Arkady V. Eremenko, Dmitry V. Pergushov, Larisa V. Sigolaeva
Enzymes in the development of physico-chemical methods for biomedical research


Leonid A. Shaposhnikov, Svyatoslav S. Savin, Denis L. Atroshenko, Tatyana A. Chubar, Evgenii V. Pometun, Vladimir I. Tishkov, Anastasia A. Pometun
Engineering the N-terminal sequence of Glycine max soybean formate dehydrogenase


Andrey V. Levashov, Vladimir V. Fedorchuk, Svyatoslav S. Savin, Vladimir I. Tishkov
Relationship between society, chemistry and biotechnology. Scientific, economic and ethico-moral aspects

Memorable dates

Ilya Vasilyevich Berezin (to the centenary of the birth)

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