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Volume 64, Number 1 (2023)

Olga I. Vernaya, Alexey S. Shumilkin, Andrey V. Shabatin, Tatiana I. Shabatina, Mikhail Ya. Melnikov
Synthesis of iron oxides nanoparticles by thermal decomposition of cryochemically modified iron(III) acetylacetonate


Olga I. Vernaya, Alexey S. Shumilkin, Darya L. Karlova, Anna S. Shevchenko, Alina A. Makeeva, Andrey V. Shabatin, Alexandr M. Semenov, Tatiana I. Shabatina, Mikhai Ya. Melnikov
Cryoformation and properties of dioxidin/gelatin systems


Aleksander Yu. Ermilov, Yana A. Gromova, Tatiana I. Shabatina
Interaction of copper clusters with cholesterol and thio-cholesterol. non-empirical study


T. A. Bogush, A. A. Basharina, A. M. Scherbakov, K. I. Chandran, A. L. Mikhailova, I. P. Romanov, E. A. Bogush, V. S. Kosorukov
Tumor cell panel with characterized expression of PD-L1 for preclinical studies of anticancer drugs and immune checkpoint inhibitors interaction


OlegV. Tinkov, Veniamin Yu. Grigorev, Lyudmila D. Grigoreva
QSAR analysis of HDAC6 inhibitors


Vasily G. Amelin, Zen Alabden Chalawi Shogah, Dmitry S. Bolshakov
Identification and authentication of cow’s milk powder using a smartphone and chemometric analysis


Georgy V. Lisichkin
On a possible reason for the predomination of vanadium in the microelement composition of sulfurous oils

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