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Volume 63, Number 6 (2022)

Inna I. Kulakova, Georgy V. Lisichkin
Biosensors based on graphene nanomaterials


Lydia A. Koroleva, Alexandra V. Koroleva
Vibrational structure of a high-resolution UV absorption spectrum of methyl vinyl ketone in the gas phase


Tatyana S. Iurchenko, Seseg B. Bolotova, Anastasia A. Loginova, Evgeny V. Pometun, Svyatoslav S. Savin, Anastasia A. Pometun, Vladimir I. Tishkov
Influence of the components of buffer solution on the catalytic activity of the nad+-dependent formate dehydrogenase from the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus


Valery P. Meshalkin, Evgeny T. Babakov, Nikolay A. Bumagin, Mikhail Ya. Melnikov, Lyudmila A. Tjurina
Desulphurization of low-pressure gas: technology and equipment for oil recovery


Elena L. Malankina, Elena N. Tkacheva, Alexey N. Kuzmenko, Boris T. Zaychik, Aleksandr O. Ruzhitskiy, Svetlana L. Evgrafova
Some specific features of the biochemical composition of the raw material mint (Mentha spicata var. crispa L.)

Memorable dates

Tatiana V. Bogatova
Half a century at Moscow university: Alexander Pavlovich Sabaneev (to the 180th anniversary of birth)


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