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Volume 63, Number 5 (2022)

Vladimir N. Matveenko, Evgeny A. Kirsanov
Shear hardening in the rheology of structured systems


Pavel D. Parshin, Ustina A. Martysuk, Denis L. Atroshenko, Anna V. Popinako, Svyatoslav S. Savin, Evgeny V. Pometun, Vladimir I. Tishkov, Anastasia A. Pometun
Study of mechanism of coenzyme specificity of phenylacetone monooxygenase from Thermobifida fusca by site-directed mutagenesis


Varvara D. Makarova, Eduard K. Pisarev, Svetlana A. Pavlova, Galina V. Pavlova, Maria I. Zvereva
Universal system for determining mutations in the promoter of the TERT gene on the example of the analysis of tumor lesions of the central nervous system


M. V. Kadiev, A. O. Shuaibov, M. G. Abdurakhmanov, D. A. Selimov, R. R. Gulakhmedov, A. A. Rabadanova, T. Smejkalová, D. S. Sobola, K. Částková, Sh. M. Ramazanov, F. F. Orudzhev
Synthesis and investigation of piezophotocatalytic properties of polyvinylidene fluoride nanofibers modified with titanium oxide


Svetlana M. Filatova, Ulyana A. Budanova, Yuri L. Sebyakin
Mono-/Bivalent Cationic Lipoamino Acids and Atypical Lipopeptides Based on Symmetric Diethanolamine Esters

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