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Volume 63, Number 4 (2022)

Abdulgalim B. Isaev, Asiyat G. Magomedova
Advanced oxidation processes based emerging technologies for dye wastewater treatment


Uhumaali G. Magomedbekov1, Umukusum G. Gasangadzhieva2, Sofia S. Etmisheva3
Study of the dynamics of homogeneous oxidation of cysteine in the presence of oxygenated complexes of cobalt (II) with o-disalicylidene-phenylendiamine and cytosine in the reactor with mixing


Arina I. Psareva, Tatiana I. Shabatina, Vladimir E. Bochenkov
Improving refractive index sensitivity of triangular gold nanoprisms by reducing the substrate effect


Andrey V. Alekseev, Pavel V. Yakimovich
Estimation of uncertainty budgets in analysis of nickel by ICP-MS and high-resolution mass spectrometry with a glow discharge


Esmira Arif Agha Guliyeva, Ajdar Akber Mejidov, Perizad Amrulla Fatullayeva, Rashid Jabbar Kasumov, Magomed Allakhverdi Bayramov, Fadail Fatulla Dhalaladinov
Complexes Cu(II), Ni(II), Co(II), and Ag(I) metals with 1,4-bis(3-phenyl triazenil) benzene


Eyyub S. Mamedov, Bahar A. Babaeva, Sabit E. Mamedov, Nargiz F. Akhmedova, Fuad S. Kerimli
Production of high-octane gasoline from bioethanol on zinc-modified HZSM-5 zeolite

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