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Volume 63, Number 1 (2022)

Taisia P. Kalmykova, Bayirta V. Egorova, Stepan N. Kalmykov
Ligands bearing picolinate groups as potential chelators for application in nuclear medicine


S. D. Varfolomeev
Molecular basis of intellect. Proton mechanism of recording information


Galina Yu. Lomakina, Natalya N. Ugarova
Kinetics of interaction of colistin with live cells Escherichia Coli studied by bioluminescent method


Daniil A. Gvozdev, Georgii V. Tsoraev, Evgenii P. Lukashev, Evgenii G. Maksimov
Spectral and structural properties of luminescent carbon nanoparticles obtained by electrolysis of an alcohol solution of NaOH


Ekaterina V. Buravleva, Vladimir L. Voeikov, Sergey E. Kondakov
Nonlinear effects observed during erythrocyte sedimentation in blood diluted by its own plasma. Blood as active colloid system


Georgy V. Nesterov, Tatiana M. Litvinova, Vladimir N. Matveenko, Nadezhda V. Nesterova, Fidan Sh. Suleymanova
Identification and quantification of triterpene saponins in the infructescence and leaves of various alder species

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