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Volume 62, Number 6 (2021)

E. K. Pisarev, O. O. Kapitanova, I. A. Vesolova, M. I. Zvereva
Methods for identifying and determining nucleic acids, without amplification, based on surface plasmon resonance and surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy


I. D. Sorokin, O. I. Gromov, V. I. Pergushov, D. A. Pomogailo, M. Ya. Melnikov
Photochemistry of 2,2-dimethyl and 2,2,3-trimethyloxirane radical cations in freon matrices at 77 K


L. A. Koroleva, K. S. Andriasov, A. V. Koroleva
Vibrational structure of a high-resolution uv absorption spectrum of 2-fluoracryloyl fluoride in the gas phase


O. A. Kangina, N. V. Kuzmenkova, A. K. Rozhkova, E. A. Pryakhin
Partitioning of u in bottom sediments of mayak reservoir R-17


E. D. Ryabkov, A. P. Antropov, N. K. Zaitsev, N. A. Yashtulov
Methods for determining the depth of nanoholes in metal aluminum at its high-voltage anodization


P. S. Novikov, N. A. Cherevko, S. E. Kondakov, E. S. Ihalainen
Evaluation of the mineral status in patients with food hypersensitivity and metabolic disorders


A. V. Kuzin, I. G. Gorichev, V. A. Shelontsev, A. N. Kuzmenko, O. N. Plakhotnaia, L. V. Ovsyannikova
Role of complex formation in dissolution of iron oxides in orthophosphoric acid


E. E. Kurdyukov, A. V. Mitishev, O. A. Vodopíjanova, Yu. B. Sheludyakova, N. V. Finaenova
Method of quantitative determination of the amount of anthocyanins in the raw materials of (Euterpe oleracea)


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