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Volume 61, Number 6 (2020)

T. A. Bogush, A. A. Basharina, E. A. Bogush, A. N. Grishanina, D. M. Sakaeva1, V. Yu. Kirsanov, M. M. Davydov, V. S. Kosorukov
Immunofluorescent assay of de novo vimentin expression in ovarian cancer tissues: surgical specimens vs paraffin-embedded tissue blocks


S. M. Filatova, Z. G. Denieva, U. A. Budanova, Yu. L. Sebyakin
Synthesis of low-molecular antibacterial peptide mimetics based on dialkyl- and diacylamines


D. V. Snigur, V. P. Dubovyi, A. N. Chebotarev
Atomic-absorption determination of copper(II) in water samples after its cloud point extraction preconcentration


V. G. Amelin, D. S. Bol’shakov
Simultaneous determination of chloramphenicol and chloramphenicol palmytate residues in food products by liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry


A. A. Savina, O. A. Voronina, N. V. Bogolyubova, S. Yu. Zaitsev
Amperometric detection of antioxidant activity of model and biological liquids


A. A. Novikov, E. R. Nogacheva, I. V. Nechaev
Research and development of solid three compositions for the production of hydrogen applicable


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