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Volume 61, Number 1 (2020)

O. V. Monogarova, A. A. Chaplenko, K. V. Oskolok
Identification and determination of chloramphenicol in drugs by multisensory digital colorimetry


O. N. Plakhotnaia, I. V. Skvortsova, A. A. Zhukova, E. A. Eliseeva, I. G. Gorichev, A. N. Kuzmenko, I. I. Krasnyuk, S. R Naryshkin, E. V. Mazyarkin
Modeling of dissolution of chromium (III) and copper oxides in an acidic environment


N. N. Ugarova, G. Yu. Lomakina
The emitter as an intramolecular probe in the luciferase active center


A. V. Alekseev, P. V. Yakimovich, E. V. Proskurnina
Quantitation of Si, B, Ca, Mg, Ba and Zr in complex-alloyed nickel alloys by ICP-MS


Yu. Yu. Petrova, N. G. Tanykova, M. Yu. Spasennykh, E. V. Kozlova
The possibility of using IR spectroscopy in the estimation of oil-generating potential of oil shales


M. A. Chukaeva, V. G. Povarov, I. P. Sverchkov
The use of iron-containing waste metal as a chemosorbent for cleaning sewage from molybdene ions


A. V. Beliatskaya, I. I. Krasnyuk (Jr. ), A. O. Elagina, I. I. Krasnyuk, I. M. Kashlikova1, O. I. Stepanova, A. N. Vorob`yov, A. N. Kuzmenko, S. G. Iskenderova, D. R. Kannieva
The study of the solubility of furazolidone from solid dispersions with polyvinylpyrrolidone


I. N. Avertseva, F. Sh. Suleymanova, O. V. Nesterova, V. Y. Reshetnyak, V. N. Matveenko, P. A. Zhukov
Study of polyphenolic compounds in extracts from flowers and leaves of canadian goldenrod and goldenrod dwarf (Solidago canadensis L. AND Solidago nana Nitt.)


N. V. Nesterova, I. A. Samylina, V. N. Matveenko
A comparative study of substances-markers acetonitrile fraction of leaves and fruits of Malus sylvestris


R. R. Khaibullin, D. S. Irisov, A. I. Zakirov, Yu. A. Zakharov
Atomic absorption control of ultimate allowable concentration of elements in meat products without sample dissolution

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