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A. A. Novitskiy1, A. A. Litvin1, R. V. Shevchenko1, P. O. Bochkov1, O. G. Gribakina1, G. B. Kolyvanov, V. P. Zherdev, K. V. Alekseev, E. V. Blynskaya, D. V. Yudina, V. V. Smirnov

Comparative pharmacokinetics and relative bioavailability of a new anxiolytc GML-1 tablet form


Open, single, crossover, pharmacokinetic study of GML-1 (dose 50 mg|kg) in rabbits after oral administration tablets and substance was performed. Pharmacokinetic parameters were calculated: maximum concentration of GML-1 in the rabbit blood plasma (Cmax), the time of Cmax, the area under “concentration-time” curve, the half-time of GML-1, the relative bioavailability. GML-1 concentrations were detected by HPLC-MS (“ion trap”) by daughter ions. The relative bioavailability of GML-1 in tablets was 101,72±19,96%. in comparison to substance.
Key words: anxiolytics, GML-1, pharmacokinetics, HPLC-MS.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2019, Vol. 60, No. 4, P. 270

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