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Volume 60, Number 1 (2019)

L. D. Grigoreva, V. Y. Grigorev, A. V. Yarkov
Outlier detection for QSAR modeling of biological activity of chemicals on the basis of "structure – activity – similarity" maps


A. A. Krotova, V. V. Krivetskiy, M. N. Rumyantseva, D. G. Filatova
Determination of Cr and study of its distribution in advanced materials based on tin oxide by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry


N. N. Begletsova, O. A. Shinkarenko, E. I. Selifonova, O. Yu. Tsvetkova, A. J. K. Al-Alwani, A. M. Zakharevich, R. K. Chernova, E. G. Glukhovskoy
Synthesis of copper nanoparticles using of hydrazine in micellar solutions of sodium dodecyl sulphate


A. A. Kalinina, A. S. Makedoshin, S. Yu. Radostin, N. V. Gursky, T. N. Sokolova, V. R. Kartashov
Application of the methods of chemical kinetics in the study of the restoration of iodoniitrotetrazolium chloride by bacterus bacteria cells Bacillus subtilis


S. A. Yamashkin, P. B. Terent’ev, M. A. Yurovskaya
Features of mass-spectra of substituted pyrroloquinolines


U. G. Magomedbekov, M. M. Khamidov, M. Kh. Rabadanov, G. D. Soltamuradov, I. I. Khasanov
Fluctuations of the impurity photoconductivity in crystals of cadmium sulphoselenide doped with potassium: non-equilibrium thermodynamics and mathematical modeling


A. N. Kuzmenko, O. V. Nesterova, F. Sh. Suleymanova, A. A. Matyushin, I. I. Krasnyuk (Jr. )
Modification of quantitative method of flavonoid determination in goldenrod canadensis (solidago canadensis) herb


N. V. Nesterova, I. A. Samylina, A. N. Kuzmenko, I. A. Kuzmenko, I. I. Krasnyuk (Jr. ), A. A. Evgrafov
Quantitative determination of arbuthin in leaves of malus sylvestris by method of high-efficient liquid chromatography


N. V. Nesterova, I. A. Samylina, N. V. Bobkova, A. N. Kuzmenko, I. I. Krasnyuk (Jr. ), A. A. Evgrafov
Quantitative determination of hydroxycoric acids and the analysis of the dynamics of their accumulation in the leaves of the malus sylvestris


G. A. Mamedova
Modification the natural zeolite of nakhchivan in the alkaline environment

Jubilee and memorable dates

On the 110th anniversary of his birth Andrei’s Vladimirovich’s Kiselyov(28.11.1908–17.07.1984)

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