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Volume 59, Number 4 (2018)

S. V. Shvetsova, A. A. Kulminskaya
Microbial sulfatases


E. D. Kots, M. G. Khrenova, S. V. Lushchekina, A. V. Nemukhin
Mechanisms of regulation of aspartoacylase catalytic activity by results of computer modeling


M. G. Khrenova, A. M. Kulakova, B. L. Grigorenko, A. V. Nemukhin
Mechanism of metallo-β-lactamase inhibition by oxacephalosporin antibiotic


D. V. Smirnova, V. K. Koltover, S. V. Nosenko, I. A. Strizhova, N. N. Ugarova
Firefly luciferase bioluminescence as a tool for searching magnetic isotopic effects in ATP-dependent enzyme reactions


V. A. Kryachkov, V. N. Tashlitsky, A. V. Bacheva
Design and characteristics on novel proteasome substrates containing oligoQ sequence


G. V. Presnova, D. E. Presnov, V. A. Krupenin, M. M. Ulyashova, A. M. Egorov, M. Yu. Rubtsova
Multianalysis of thyroid cancer markers on porous membrane surface and semiconductor supports using gold nanoparticles as label


Filatova L. Y., Donovan D. M., Novozhilov I. A., Chubar T. A., Balabushevich N. G., Pugachev V. G., Klyachko N. L.
Influence of block-copolymers of different nature on staphylolytic lysk enzyme secondary structure and stability


M. A. Malakhova, M. V. Pokrovskaya, S. S. Alexandrova, N. N. Sokolov, E. V. Kudryashova
Regulation of catalytic activity of recombinant L-asparaginase from Rhodospirillum rubrum by conjugation with a PEG-chitosan copolymer


A. A. Skuredina, M. R. Danilov, I. M. Le-Deygen, E. V. Kudryashova
Adsorption properties of silica gel with β-cyclodextrin as a pore-forming agent relative to moxifloxacin


A. A. Pometun, N. S. Voinova, E. V. Pometun, S. S. Savin, V. I. Tishkov
Impact of medium pH and ion strength on thermal stability of plant formate dehydrogenases

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