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Volume 58, Number 2 (2017)

V. N. Matveenko, E. A. Kirsanov
Structural rationale non-Newtonian flow


N. G. Tolmacheva, A. V. Pirogov, O. A. Shpigun
The use of microemulsions for the extraction of phtalic acid esters from soils with subsequent decomposition of microemulsions, simultaneous pre-concentration of dialkhylphthalates in organic phase and following GC-MS determination of target compounds


V. V. Izmer, D. S. Kononovich, D. V. Uborsky, P. S. Kulyabin, N. E. Shevchenko, A. Z. Voskoboynikov
Synthesis of a novel bridged dimethylsilyl bis(indenyl) ligand and preparation of zirconium ansa-metallocene complexes


S. Yu. Zaitsev
Dynamic surface tension parameters of the protein–lipid–solt solutions as a system modeling of blood plasma

Jubilee and memorable dates

E. A. Shokova
Boris Aleksandrovich Kazanskii (25.04.1891–05.04.1973)

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