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Volume 56, Number 4 (2015)

E. A. Terenteva, V. V. Apyari, S. G. Dmitrienko, Yu. A. Zolotov
Spectrophotometric determination of sulfates using silver nanoparticles stabilized by 6,6-ionene


V. N. Oreshkin, G. I. Tsisin
Sample preparation in crucible atomizers at atomic absorption determination of cadmium and lead in natural waters


T. A. Bolotnik, A. D. Smolenkov, R. S. Smirnov, O. A. Shpigun
Determination of rocket kerosene in soil by static headspace analysis with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry


L. S. Sokolova, A. A. Derbina, E. B. Pashkova, A. V. Pirogov, O. A. Shpigun
Methylene selectivity in microemulsion liquid chromatography


R. Kh. Shaipov, E. Yu. Kerimov, E. M. Slyusarenko
Isothermal section of the phase diagram of the ternary system Co–Nb–Mo at 1375 K


E. A. Streltsova, A. A. Mazuryk, I. V. Popova
Influence of the additives of low molecular weight alcohols on the adsorption of mixtures of twins with sodium dodecylsulfate at the liquid–gas

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