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E. F. Kazakova, N. L. Zvereva, N. E. Dmitrieva, L. L. Meshkov

Interaction of aluminum with chrome and zirconium  in equilibrium and nonequilibrium conditions


The processes of crystallization in the ternary Al–Cr–Zr, in aluminum-rich field were studied by complex methods of physicochemical analysis, and found that at equilibrium crystallization in the alloys of the section Cr: Zr = 14:5 crystallized aluminum and intermetallic CrAl7, and at nonequilibrium conditions at quenching rates 106 deg. / sec formed a supersaturated solid solution based on aluminum and phase ZrAl3.
Key words: alloys of the Al–Cr–Zr, rapidly quenched alloys, phase diagrams, polythermal section.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2014, Vol. 55, No. 5, P. 276

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