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E. M. Basova, V. M. Ivanov, O. C. Apendeeva

Spectrophotometric determination thiocyanate ions in formation waters


Spectrophotometrically studied complex formation [FeSCN]2+ in hydrochloride and sulfate solution by utilizing as reagent ferrous (III) sulfate solution and ferric alum method of determination 10200 mcg SCNin 25 ml in aqueous medium with hydrochloric acid to ferric alums with a detection limit of 2.6 mcg (P = 0,99, n = 9). Methodology used for the analysis of water samples from model macrocomponental and micro component composition close composition of water Arngolskoye license area. The method of additives held operational control performance metric. The method allows analysis of formation water containing from 1 to 90 mcg / l thiocyanate.
Key words: thiocyanate, complex with Fe(III), spectrophotometry , formation waters.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2014, Vol. 55, No. 1, P. 15

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