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Volume 54, Number 6 (2013)

L. V. Serebrennikov, A. V. Golovkin, D. I. Davlyatshin, A. L. Serebrennikova
Interactions between Nin(n=1–4) clusters and molecules of methane, water and hydrogen peroxide


G. M. Yankovskii, D. V. Kuznetsov, S. E. Kondakov, M. Y. Melnikov
Solution of the inverse problem of light beating spectroscopy using singular value decomposition (SVD) method for the analysis of polydisperse suspensions of nanoparticles


V. A. Kurmaz, A. S. Kotkin, G. V. Simbirtseva
Investifation of electrochemical behaviour of secondary products of oh radicals capture by dimethyl sulfoxide molecules by laser photoemission


U. G. Magomedbekov, U. G. Gasangadzhieva, Kh. M. Gasanova
Mathematical model of chemical oscillations arising in the homogeneous system of cysteine–oxigenated complexes of iron (II)


R. Kh. Shaipov, E. Yu. Kerimov, E. M. Slyusarenko
Phase equilibria in the ternary system Co–Cr–Mo at 1375 K with a cobalt concentration more than 50 at.%


Sajan L. Shyaula, Mohammad I. Choudhary, Mangala D. Manandhar
Megastigmane, iridoid, benzyl alcohol and phenyl propanoid glycosides from the Nepalese sandalwood Osyris Wightiana Wall. ex Wight

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