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Volume 54, Number 2 (2013)

I. V. Polyakov, A. A. Moskovsky, M. G. Khrenova, A. V. Nemukhin
Quantum chemical modeling components of dye sensitised solar cells


M. G. Khrenova, I. V. Polyakov, B. L. Grigorenko, A. V. Nemukhin
Molecular model of the light harvesting complex LH1 of the bacterial photosynthetic center of Thermochromatium Tepidum


A. A. Ivanov
Indicator of efficiency of experiment in the gas electron diffraction (GED)


E. M. Basova, V. M. Ivanov, O. K. Apendeeva, G. V. Prokhorova
Study of oxidation diethyldithiocarbamate of sodium on glassy carbon electrode in water and water-organic solutions


N. V. Borzenkova, A. V. Kislaya, I. A. Veselova, T. N. Shekhovtsova
Application of heme-containing biocatalysts for the oxidation and determination of sulfur-containing organic compounds


Yu. G. Bogdanova, V. D. Dolzhikova, Z. S. Klemenkova, V. S. Romanova, G. I. Timofeeva, G. N. Bogdanov, A. E. Kharlov
Adsorption modifying of solids with aqueous solutions of derivatives of fullerene C60 containing of maleimide and dipeptide addendes


N. M. Zadymova, N. I. Ivanova
Simultaneous solubilization of lipophilic drug, amlodipine, and glyceryl monolaurate in aqueous micellar solutions of Tween 80


A. E. Zhirnov, G. M. Lukovkin, M. S. Arzhakov, S. A. Arzhakov
On the temperature and pressure dependence of the dynamic viscosity of n-alkanes


A. T. Duysebekova
Quantum chemical studyof freeand coordinatemoleculesand complexes ofamideswithmercuric acetatepropionamide

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