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Volume 52, Number 4 (2011)

V. N. Matveyenko, E. A. Kirsanov
Viscosity and structure of disperse systems


N. N. Andriichenko, M. G. Khrenova, A. V. Nemukhin, B. L. Grigorenko
Modeling mechanism of hydrolysis reactions of the cyclic guanosine monophosphates in aqueous solution


I. Yu. Skrepleva, G. I. Voloshenko, N. B. Librovich, V. D. Maiorov, M. V. Vishnetskaya, M. Ya. Mel’nikov
The study of interactions in the trifluoroacetic acid-sulphur dioxide systems by IR spectroscopy


V. M. Ivanov, T. O. Samarina, V. N. Figurovskaya
Investigation of complex formation of nickel(II) with 1-nitroso-2-naphthol-3,6-disulfonic acid optical and chromaticity methods


M. I. Koksharov, D. V. Smirnova, S. GAbbasova, N. N. Ugarova
Fusion protein of luciferase Luciola mingrelica–biotin carboxyl carrier protein: production, properties, application


K. B. Kalmykov, N. L. Zvereva, N. Ye. Dmitrieva, S. F. Dunaev, D. M. Kondrat’ev
The investigation of the phase diagram and the determination of the volume amorphous alloy synthesis conditions in the Cu–Ni–Zr system at 1123 K

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

T. A. Bogush, A. S. Shaturova, E. A. Dudko, E. E. Zhuraev, B. E. Polotsky, G. V. Ungiadze, M. I. Davydov
Quantitative immunofluorescence estimation of estrogen receptors β in human solid tumors by flow cytometry


V. L. Voyeikov, Ye. V. Buravleva, S. E. Kondakov
Blood as Active Colloid System. NonmonotoneNature of Erythrosytes Sedimentation in Whole Blood as Revealed by Video Recording with High Space-Time Resolution

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