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Volume 50, Number 6 (2009)

N. B. Tamm, L. N. Sidorov, S. I. Troyanov
Investigations in the field of higher fullerenes


L. Yu. Ustynyuk, D. V. Besedin , I. E. Nifant’ev, E. A. Fushman, Yu. A. Ustynyuk, V. V. Lunin
Catalytic Reactions of hydrocarbons promoted by COordinatively unsaturated compounds of Zr AND Ti Density Functional Theory Study


A. M. Popov, T. A. Labutin, N. B. Zorov
Application of Laser-induced breakdown spectrometry for analysis of environmental and industrial materials


A. N. Shatokhin, F. N. Putilin, M. N. Roumiantseva, A. M. Gas, kov
Hydrogen gas-sensitivity thin films of tin oxide surfase doped platinum laser plasma with different structure and charge composition

Short Communications

L. Yu Filatova, S. C. Becker, D. M. Donovan, A. K. Gladilin, N. L. Klyachko
Stabilization by polycation of LysK the enzyme lysing staphylococcus aureus cells

Memorial Statement

Yurii Sergeyevich Shabarov (Dedicated to the 90th Anniversary of Professor Yu.S. Shabarov Birthday


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