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Volume 48, Number 6 (2007)

A. I. Druzhinina, A. A. Efimova, R. M. Varushchenko
The vapour pressure and heat capacities of perfluor-N-(4-methyl-cyclohexyl)piperidine


O. V. Krol’, A. I. Druzhinina, R. M. Varuschenko, O. V. Dorofeyeva, M. D. Rechetova, N. Ye. Borisova
The Heat Capacity and Thermodynamic Functions of Ferrocenyl-Methanol


V. L. Zelenko and L. I. Heiftes
Estimation of Potential Contribution of the Bed Structure Regularization into the Adsorber Downsizing in the Processes of Adsorptive Gas Fractionation


V. L. Zelenko, L. I. Heifets
Option of the Adsorbers Amount in the Technological Gas Separation System


D. A. Gudkov, E. N. Efremenko
The Refolding of Organophosphorous Hydrolase Containing the Hexahistidine Tag from Inclusion Bodies


G. B. Golubitskii, V. M. Ivanov
Quantitative analyse of tablets and syrup “Codelac bronkho” by high pressure liquid chromatography methods


Ye. A. Osipova, D. S. Shishmarev, N. K. Zaitsev
Comparative Charactrization of Two Techniques of Selenium(IV) Accumulation at the Mercury Film Electrode Using an Automated Medium Exchange System without the Circuit Disconnection


M. K. Beklemishev, I. V. Nikolaev, L. Yu. Belyaeva
Radical Polymerization Reactions as Indicators for the Determination of Organic Compounds


A. I. Stadnichenko, S. V. Koshcheyev, A. I. Boronin
Oxidation of the Polycrystalline Gold Foil Surfaces and X-Ray Photoelectronic Spectroscopy Study of Oxygen States in Oxide Layers

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