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Volume 48, Number 4 (2007)

A. A. Mosckovskii, I. A. Kaliman, A. V. Akimov, S. S. Konyukhov, B. L. Grigorenko, A. V. Nemukhin
Realization of molecular dynamics approach with rigid fragments for simulation of chemical reactions in biomolecular systems


Ts. M. Ramishvili, V. V. Yushchenko, M. K. Charkviani
Catalytic conversions of linalool and linalyl acetate on the wide-pore zeolites and mesoporous MCM-41


T. M. Roshchina, T. A. Kuznetsova, M. S. Lagutova, A. M. Tolmachiov
Adsorption of organic compounds vapors on silicas with threemethylsilyl layer


A. V. Lazarev, N. N. Zastenker, D. N. Trubnikov, K. A. Tatarenko, A. V. Pribytkov
Kinetic description of a supersonic impulse jet expanding into vacuum. II. Mixtures of monoatomic gases


Ye. Yu. Lívova
A new method for the diffraction picture registration in gas electron diffraction study


V. V. Sviridov, O. A. Avramenko, A. A. Rayeva, I. V. Pletniov, V. E. Baulin, N. V. Shvedene
Nitrate-containing ionic liquids as active membrane components of nitrate-selective electrodes


A. V. Ivanov, D. V. Kurek, M. S. Vakstein, A. P. Bayunov
The ionic strength gradient during the chromatofocusing within the carboxylic columns


D. S. Tsaríkov, A. A. Zhirkov, M. A. Proskurnin
The effect of electrolytes on the sensitivity of thermal-lens measurements in aqueous solutions


A. V. Kireyko, I. A. Veselova, T. N. Shekhovtsova
Enzymatic determination of some pharmaceuticals in direct and reversed micells of sodium dodecylsulfate


A. N. Shatokhin, F. N. Putilin, M. N. Roumiantseva, A. M. Gasíkov
Study of energy characteristics and deposition rate of metal films from vacuum laser plasma on dielectric substrates


V. V. Utochnikova, O. V. Kotova, N. P. Kuzmina
The yttrium heteroligand complex with dipivaloilmethane and N,N¢-disalicylideneethylenediamine (Y(dpm)(salen)) synthesis


U. G. Magomedbekov, Kh. M. Gasanova, U. G. Gasangadzhieva, K. A. Abdulkhamidov, S. Sh. Mutsalova
Chemical instabilities during 1,4-naphtodiol oxidation in homogeneous medium. II. Thermodynamic analysis and mathematical modeling

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