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Volume 48, Number 3 (2007)

I. S. Tkachenko, V. I. Gibalov, V. V. Lunin
Spark-over of gas gap on the surface barrier discharge


A. V. Rogov, B. L. Grigorenko, A. V. Bochenkova, A. A. Granovskii, A. V. Nemukhin
The role of magnesium in the hydrolysis reaction of triphosphates in aqueous solution: quantum mechanical molecular mechanical simulations


T. D. Khokhlova, Le Thi Hien
Adsorption of dyes on activated carbon and graphitized thermal carbon black


A. V. Mougtasimov, P. A. Chernavskii
Influence of oxidation-reduction treatment on the formation of cobalt nanoparticles in the ZrCoH system


Ye. A. Makeyev, V. L. Zelenko, L. I. Heifets
Product purity increase at the expense of energy of the exhaust gas in the pressure swing adsorption process


A. V. Ivanov, N. Yu. Smirnova, M. S. Vakshtein, I. A. Chernyshev
Compexing properties of the cation-exchangers with grafted carboxylic moieties


A. L. Kulikov, G. B. Golubitskii, T. U. Valukevich, M. V. Pokrovskii, E. V. Budko, V. M. Ivanov
An interaction between the components of "pentacomponent pills from cold"


N. I. Ivanova, A. M. Parfenova, E. A. Amelina
Interaction between nonpolar surfaces in solutions of the cationic and nonionic surfactant mixtures


I. S. Levacheva, I. A. Grickova, A. A. Lyshov, A. N. Pushkin, S. M. Levatchev
Role of the ammonium sulphate for the structure and properties regulation of the 2d films of the fullerene C60


E. K. Beloglazkina, N. S. Dubinina, A. A. Moiseeva, N. V. Zyk
Complexes with amino- and iminocyclohexyl sulfides. synthesis and electrochemical investigation


A. V. Anisimov, Ye. V. Fedorova, P. N. Nesterenko, V. M. Senyavin, A. V. Tarakanova
Stereoselective sulfides oxidation in the presence of chiral vanadium peroxocomplexes


O. A. Drozhzhin, Ph. S. Napolsky, S. Ya. Istomin, Ye. V. Antipov
Synthesis and crystal structure of the novel complex cobalt and nickel oxide, Sr2.25Y0.75Co1.25Ni0.75O6.84


U. G. Magomedbekov, Kh. M. Gasanova, U. G. Gasangadzhieva, K. A. Abdulkhamidov, S. Sh. Mutsalova
Chemical instabilities on the 1,4-naphtodiol oxidation in homogeneous medium. I. Determinate character of oxidation processes and its quantitative parameters

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