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Volume 47, Number 4 (2006)

L. E. Kitaev, A. A. Kubasov, S. V. Malyishev
Study of n-Buthanol Adsorption on the Surface of Modified Silica by Means of 13C NMR and Infrared Spectroscopy


S. S. Kubyshev, A. V. Ivanov
The Influence of Inert Component of the Eluent upon Inducing pH Gradient within the Capillars with Flowing Retentive Stationary Phase


S. Yu. Lanskaia, A. V. Bashilov
Approach to elaboration of elements spectrophotometric determination using microwave radiation


M. V. Shunina, M. G. Chernobrovkin, A. V. Bashilov, E. N. Shapovalova, O. A. Shpigun
The influence of Temperature and Microwave Radiation on the Preparation of Some Amino Acids Derivatives


O. V. Kravchenko, K. P. Burdina, C. A. Trashin, Yu. Ya. Kuzyakov, V. N. Lednev, R. D. Voronina, N. B. Zorov
Thermobaric synthesis of bulk samples of crystalline carbon nitride


A. V. Yatsenko, I. K. Kudryavtsev, M. A. Zakharov, K. A. Paseshnichenko, L. A. Aslanov
The crystal and molecular structure of cis-bis(cyclohexanon-thiosemicarbazonato-N,S)nickel (II)


L. I. Heifets, D. M. Predtechenskaya, Yu. V. Pavlov, B. N. Okunev
Modeling of the Dynamic Effects in the Adsorbent Beds. 1. Simple method of Estimation of Thermal Conductivity of the Composite Adsorbent Bed (CaCl2 Impregnated into Pores of Silicagel Lattice)


E. P. Kazachinskaya, I. I. Baskin, P. A. Mamonov, V. N. Matveenko
Molecular Simulation of b-Cyclodextrin Complexation with Vitamin K3


Yu. G. Bogdanova, V. D. Dolzhikova
The Bulk and Interfacial Properties of Aqueous Binary Mixed Solutions of Pluronic L61 with Low-Molecular Surfactants


O. N. Zefirova, E. S. Afonina, G. N. Balandina
The History of Iivestigations on Peptide Synthesis at the Chemistry Department of Moscow State University


O. N. Zefirova, I. E. Lubnina, V. V. Lunin
Teaching of history of chemistry in Moscowuniversity: Lecturers and their courses. Part III (To the memory of professor P.M. Zorkii)

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