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Volume 47, Number 2 (2006)

A. E. Serov, V. I. Tishkov
Baker’s yeast formate dehydrogenase: unusual mechanism of inactivation and stabilization by ionic srength and cofactor


Cherkashin E. A., Fedorchuk V. V., Sidorenko S. V., Tishkov V. I.
Study of metallo-beta-lactamase occurrence in Russian Federation


O. M. Tsivileva, A. N. Pankratov, E. A. Loshchinina, V. E. Nikitina
Experimental and theoretical studies of the effect of ferrum triad metal cations on the activity of extracellular lectins of Lentinus edodes


Jesús Rodríguez–Martínez*, José A. Rodríguez–de la Garza, Yolanda Garza–García
Kinetic assessment of the volatile fatty acids as a strategy to maintain the sustainability of the biodegradation of chemical oxygen demand of easily acidifying wastewater


Janny Coca Armas1, JoséLuis Martínez Hernández2, Julio Dustet Mendoza1
Study of some catalytic properties of immobilized lipase fromMucor Griseocyanus


A. D. Ilyiná, E. P. Segura-Ceniceros, M. G. Hernández-Vazquez, R. Chávez-Chávez, Ye. Bogachiova, L. E. Elizalde-Herrera
Improvement of PGH-synthase stability in pectin films used in healing of skin wounds


A. D. Ilyina, D. Ibarra-Coronado, K. Gurumurthy, F. Cerda-Ramarez
Evidence of catalytic activity of polypeptides artificially synthesized from conservative aminoacids


E. P. Segura-Ceniceros, K. R. Dabek, A. D. Ilyiná
Invertase immobilization on nylon-6 activated by hydrochloric acid in the presence of glutaraldehyde as cross-linker


Smirnoval I. G., Trifonova Zh. P., Katrukha G. S.
Addressed chemical modification ofpeptide group antibiotics

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