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Volume 47, Number 1 (2006)

E. A. Zaitseva, T. A. Osipova
Study of biocatalysts and potentialities for their applications in the framework of the Russian Federal targeted scientific-technological program “Research and methodology in the priority trends of development in science and technology”


D. A. Gudkov, Yu. A. Votchitseva, E. N. Efremenko, S. D. Varfolomeyev
Paraoxon Hydrolysis catalyzed by organophosphate hydrolase containing the polyhistidine tag at the C-terminus of protein molecule


A. A. Poloznikov, P. A. Savitsky, D. M. Khushpulyan, T. A. Chubar, I. G. Gazaryan, V. I. Tishkov
Preparation and properties of mutant tobacco peroxidase with additional tryptophan residues


S. S. Savin, I. V. Chernyshov, V. I. Tishkov, S. V. Khoronenkova
Substrate specifity of d-amino acid oxidase from yeast Trigonopsis variabilis expressed in E. coli cells


E. G. Sadykhov, A. E. Serov, I. E. Yasny, N. S. Voinova, A. A. Alekseeva, A. S. Petrov, V. I. Tishkov
NAD+-Dependent Formate dehydrogenase from Arabidopsis thaliana and soya: expression in E. coli cells and kinetic properties of recombinant enzymes


I. Rodriguez-Garza, Y. Garza-Garcia, J. Rodriguez-Martinez
Comparative performance of an UASB and a biofilm reactor with Opuntia imbricata as a support in the treatment of textile industry wastewater


G. J. Sosa-Santillan, R. Estrada-Rivera, Y. Garza-Garcia, J. Rodriguez-Martinez
Azo dye decolorization in a down flow aerobic biofilm reactor with Opuntia imbricata as support


Y. Garza-Garcia, J. Rodriguez-Martinez, J. C. Mata-Berlanga
Opuntia imbricata as support for anaerobic biofilm in an UASB reactor for denitrification under high nitrate concentration


A. J. Casas-Reyes, F. Cerda-Ramirez, Y. Garza-Garcia, N. Balagurusamy, A. D. Ilyina
Application of bioluminescence method for quality control of culture media and bacteria applied to standard norm (NMX-AA-042-1987)


D. Alvarez-Ramirez, F. Cerda-Ramirez, N. Balagurusamy, Y. Garza-Garcia, A. D. Ilyina
Effect of colicin E1 on atp release from E. coli strains for its selective detection by bioluminsecence assay


E. P. Segura-Ceniceros, A. D. Ilyina, J. I. Montalvo-Arredondo, A. Zaragoza-Contreras, S. G. Flores-Gallardo, C. I. Vargas-Dominguez
Evaluation of the effect of pectin-papain interactions on the enzyme stability and mechanical properties of maracuya’s pectin films for the treatment of skin wounds


Aleksey Borisovich Silaev (On the Occasion of this 100th Birthday)


Lenar Timofeyevich Bugayenko

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