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E. V. Rakhmanov, A. V. Khoroshutin, A. A. Bobylyova, E. V. Lukovskaya, A. V. Anisimov, A. A. Abramov

Synthesis and extraction properties of oxathiacrown-ethers based on allylaromatic precursors


12-Membered substituted dioxadithiocrown ethers were synthesized by reaction of 2-(2,3-dibrompropyloxy)benzaldehyde, 2-(2, 3-dibrompropyloxy)naphthalene obtained by bromination of corresponding allyl ethers, with 1,8-dimercapto-3,6-dioxaoctanol. However, 2-(2,3-dibrompropyloxy)imidazole reacts with the same dithiol to form the product of dehydrocyclodimerization of the dithiol - 1,8,11,18-tetraoxa-4,5,14,15-tetrathiacycloicosane. 20-membered macrocycle extracts Ag(I) cation from picrate solution, whereas 12-membered one does from nitric acid and sodium nitrate solutions.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2005, Vol. 46, No. 6, P. 421

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