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K. V. Stepanov, A. V. Pirogov, M. A. Dikunetz, O. A. Shpigun

A technique of synthesis of amino acid phenylthiohydantoines for the quantitative protein compositional analysis using capillary electrophoresis


A technique for the derivatization of amino-acids with phenylisothiocyanate has been developed for the capillary electrophoretic applications. The derivatization technique based on the reaction between of dried amino-acidís hydrolysate and phenylisothiocyanate with the following cyclization of phenylthiocarbamates in an aqueous solution of a triflouracetic acid(a scheme is presented). An additional procedure of the sample and the derivatives purification for capillary electrophoresis is described. The by-products the of derivatization and purification procedures were separated, determined and compared by HPLC. The technique has been tested on samples of a protein hydrolyzate and a fish flour.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2005, Vol. 46, No. 6, P. 395

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