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Volume 45, Number 4 (2004)

A . V. Rogov, S. P. Mikhalev, A. A. Granovsky, V. N. Soloviev, A. V. Nemukhin, G. B. Sergeev
Experimental and theoretical study of the interaction between magnesium particles and carbon tetrachloride


A. V. Yatsenko, I. K. Kudryavtsev, M. A. Zakharov, L. A. Aslanov
The DFT study of isomerism of Ni2+ complexes


C. S. Sharov, V. M. Ivanov
3-(2-thiazolylazo)-2,6-diaminopyridine states in solvents with non-associated structure. Solvating effect


A. V. Ivanov, S. S. Kubyshev, P. N. Nesterenko
The Decreasing Induced pH Gradients in Liquid Chromatography with Flowing Retentive Stationary Phase


E. N. Kapinus, I. A. Revelsky, V. O. Ulogov, Yu. A. Lelikov
Determination of F, Cl, NO2, Br, NO3-, HPO42-, SO42- in aqueous solutions at 109108% level by ion chromatography


A. V. Medvetsky, T. I. Tichomirova, N. M. Sorokina, G. I. Tsysin
Preconcentration of phosphate and silicate ions on cellulose filters as hydrophobic ion associates of heteropoly acids with tri-n-octylamine


A. I. Kamenev, R. Katenaire, A. A. Ischenko
Copper and bismuth determination at mercury film carbosital electrode by anodic stripping voltammetry


M. A. Ryumin, A. V. Nevidimov, N. V. Shvedene, G. Ya. Pushkina, M. N. Bubenzova, L. N. Komissarova
Chemical analysis of complex molybdato-phosphates of rare earth elements with sodium


G. K. Vertelov, L. A. Sviridova
5-substituted pyrazolidines with nature a-amino acids acyl radicals in position 1

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