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Brykina G. D., Matusova S. M., Uvarova M. I., Shpigun O. A.

Retention of tetra-4-tert-butylphthalocyanine and its complexes with zinc and cobalt in the systems Diasorb-130-Nh2-spirit.


The retention of tetra-4-tert-butylphthalocyanine and its complexes with Zn and Co was studied in spirits and their mixtures on a column Diasorb-130–NH2. It is demonstrated that chromatographic peaks of compounds are symmetrical not always, have the broadened tail, however CoPct, ZnPct and H2Pct solving in toluene or in such mobile phases as i-propanol, i-propanol–methanol (4:1) can be identify on the retention parameters depending on the nature of the reaction center.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2001, Vol. 42, No. 6, P. 412

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