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R. N. Rostovtsev, V. I. Goryacheva, I. B.

Thermodynamic properties of metastable Mn-Cu alloys in the low-temperature FCC-FCT transformation range


A pioneer study of partial thermodynamic functions of manganese in the FCC-FCT transformation and relaxation of quenched and annealing alloys of Mn-Cu system has been performed. The method of emf measurement of concentration chemical cells with electolyte glicerine solutions has been applied. The variation of the chemical potential with the temperature matches the multi-stage character of the transformation. Multi-stage thermocycling leads to the relaxation of metastalbe FCC and FCT alloys. For the first time the metastable FCC - FCT equilibrium temperature To for Mn60Cu40 alloy has been experimentally determined.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2001, Vol. 42, No. 6, P. 376

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